Perhaps painting and drawing were a way to record their lived experiences, to tell stories to young children, or to pass down wisdom from one generation to the next. But some art forms, like contemporary paintings or expressionism paintings, tell a story by provoking specific emotions, while others make a statement. And some may act as metaphors, featuring multiple meanings that don’t always meet the eye.

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For the first time in history, art is described by a term other than the name of a culture or civilization. Europe was becoming more of a cohesive entity, being held together by Christianity and feudalism. The invention of the barrel vault allowed churches to become cathedrals and sculpture became an integral part of the architecture.

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Unsurprisingly, Venus attracted the ire of Savonarola, the Dominican monk who led a heiraten in österreich fundamentalist crackdown on the secular tastes of the Florentines. His campaign included the infamous “Bonfire of the Vanities” of 1497, in which “profane” objects—cosmetics, artworks, books—were burned on a pyre. The Birth of Venus was itself scheduled for incineration, but somehow escaped destruction. Botticelli, though, was so freaked out by the incident that he gave up painting for a while. Contemporary art institutions are often criticized for their exclusivist behaviors, or more specifically, their tendencies to regulate what can or cannot be considered contemporary art. In the fifteenth century Renaissance art progressed further, being termed the High Renaissance by the sixteenth century.

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Some depicted rather grotesque or otherwise brutal scenes while others were focused on formalized religion. What we consider ancient art is what was created from around 30,000 B.C.E. to 400 A.D. If you prefer, it can be thought of as fertility statuettes and bone flutes to roughly the fall of Rome. Arthur Ganson is know for his kinetic sculptures and Rube Goldberg interpretations, and this particular piece, titled “Machine with Concrete,” is especially time-sensitive. Set up with a specific gear reduction structure, it would take billions of years for the mechanism to prompt the final gear to turn. Salvador Dali, “Persistence of Memory,” 1931, oil on canvas, 24 cm × 33 cm (9.5 in × 13 in), Museum of Modern Art, New York City.

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But, if these facts engage students and interest them in art history, they are undoubtedly worthwhile. Image sourceThere are so many incredible stories about Salvador Dali and his antics. The time he almost suffocated inside a deep sea diving helmet while trying to explain surrealism.

At the right Horae, the Goddess of Seasons anticipates Venus’s arrival with a blanket of flowers. Time personified appears in this Agnolo Bronzino painting, appearing as a more dashing version of Father Time, silver beard and all. While similar to art for political change, subversive or deconstructivist art may seek to question aspects of society without any specific political goal.

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Strong design is characteristic of Indian art both in ancient and modern times. It is considered part of the Counter-Reformation, the movement which sought to reconfigure the Catholic Church as a response to the Protestant Reformation. Baroque art placed great emphasis on high detail and overly ornate decorations. It would develop into Rococo in the mid-18th century, which was even more richly decorated and gaudy. Contempt for such ornateness would eventually inspire Neoclassicism. Art history can be studied many ways and is broken down into multiple coexisting disciplines.