First, it saddens me, as well as, many other family members to experience the frantic pace of Arts change in life so quickly after her passing. Just three weeks after her death he boasts about a change that is coming. We were still focused on helping him get along without her in Pahrump and before we know it, he has already moved on to someone else.

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I don’t want his remains anywhere near me, meaning if I drive by somewhere, I don’t want the thought of “Ugh, this man is buried in there” to pass through my head. I just want to be free in a sense. My response is that if they want that, they should pay for it but I am going to do what I am going to do and that’s that. We all have ideas about what a mom or dad or friend or spouse or child is “supposed” to be. Unfortunately, what we want a relationship to be is not always what it is. Who we want a person to be is not always who they are.

How Can Someone Without Family Get Their Affairs And End

You loved and still love your brother. You about his also love your children and any parent who loves their children will do anything they can to protect their children. Your love for your children is not a lack of love for your brother. He faced struggles that posed a danger to hour children and you made the right decision.

Their Art Or Work Dies With Them

But part of me is guilty because neither of us made an effort to meet eachother. His relationship with my mom was horrible, and he was not a good person at all but part of me feels that I need the closure of knowing who my father is, and I’ve always felt that. The thing that hurt the most is that me and my sister weren’t in his obituary, and its like we never existed apart from his child support payments.

Of course, the sadness might still be there. You might still miss the person, but we need to resolve the lack of closure. We need to get to that point so that we can get to the emotions that might be underneath that might be stuck. Even if we do feel responsible for it, we still have to get past it so that we can live the best life we possibly can. My perspective on death is that when someone dies, they want us to live. I would think that if someone had some sort of afterlife or reincarnation, or whatever it is, they would want us to live!

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He wasn’t conscious, and I don’t know if he could hear me, but I told him I love him and that I was sorry for all he has gone through. It may sound silly, but I felt some “excited” energy from him. It seemed like he wanted to communicate with me, but I’m not sure that what he had to say would be positive or negative.

Many of us have listened to C2C for years. We grew to love Ramona & the cats as much as we loved you. When Ramona died and you laid your heart out there for your listeners we cried & ached along with you. I agonized about my own marriage, which is happy enough, but we weren’t soul mates like you & Ramona.