Most of the time, you will hear them but may not be able to see them. With all the walking and activities you’re sure to do in Mexico, having plenty of water will be absolutely important. However, you’ll find that most cities will have gardens and public squares where kids can run around. So while there aren’t very many playgrounds in Mexican cities, there are plenty of open public spaces where your kids can play and burn off some energy.

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And now for the fun part, the list of things to do with a baby or toddler in Mexico. Each of the places listed grants leon below, we have done with a toddler who was 2 years old but we include tips on traveling to the Riviera Maya with a baby as well. When you compare car rental prices in Cancun, don’t get too excited about how cheap they look. For more on what you need to know, read up on common scams when renting a car in Mexico. You can read more about our first time in Mexico with a toddler, when we stayed at the Grand Palladium Kantenah all-inclusive for a week. With only a week, we chose a toddler-friendly resort with a baby kids club.

There are also some rental equipment places along Xpu-Ha beach, making it a fun place to try stand-up paddle boarding with your kids. Yes, you can safely take a baby to Mexico on a family vacation with some precautions. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort that was one of the best Mexico resorts for toddlers because there was so much to do, so much so that we didn’t even feel the need to leave the resort. I’m a full-time traveling mom who’s passionate about worldschooling. Unfortunately, the news media thrives on negative stories. We’ve enjoyed our time in Mexico so far, and have met a lot of travelers here who feel the same way.

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While I’ve seen families with strollers in Mexico, it may not be ideal due to the uneven sidewalks and roads. Mexico has a rich culture, and it is sad that often in movies it’s reduced to cliches and stereotypes. Before the arrival of the Spanish, Mexico was teeming with indigenous groups, including the Mayans, Aztecs, Teotihuacans, and the Toltecs. You can learn about these indigenous civilizations through the temples and pyramids that many travelers to Mexico can still visit.

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I have never been there, but the sand dunes in Chihuahua are said to be spectacular. I am also disappointed that the list lists so many Riviera areas while ignoring the insanely spectacular and much less touristy Huasteca Potosina. I have unfortunately never visited the Huasteca, including the enigmatic looking Xilitla, but the photos sure look great. The Marieta Islands are a group of small uninhabited islands off of the coast of Mexico. The island is home to an abundant marine life population and is a popular location for snorkeling and scuba diving. The government used to conduct military testings on the islands which created amazing caves and rock formations.

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A light, a rain-proof jacket is ideal during summer , or a slightly bulkier one for winter evenings (it’s still warm during the day). The coasts are hot and humid in summer, so pack light, but you can still find use for a thin jacket or shawl when there’s rainstorm and at evening. Bring at least one pair of enclosed shoes, either for rain , or chilly evenings . Bring proof of your health or travel insurance, copies of prescriptions and emergency contact details.

Medication should be purchased in consultation with a medical professional and from reputable establishments. Vessels entering Mexican waters with firearms or ammunition on board must have a permit previously issued by a Mexican embassy or consulate. Embassy or consulate promptly when a U.S. citizen is arrested if the arrestee so requests. U.S. citizen victims of crime should contact the local authorities to file a Mexican police report before departing Mexico.